Friday, February 27, 2004

one hundred things

001. My name is Jessica (I felt the need to start small).
002. I am 5'8".
003. I live in Norfolk, VA. Virginia is the state for lovers. I am a lover (not a fighter).
004. I am from Chincoteague, VA and graduated high school there.
005. No testosterone, my household is all girls (includes the cat).
006. I like to play games (board games, card games, etc).
007. I love to learn.
008. I have a master's degree in Sociology/Criminal Justice.
009. I love school (and would love to go back!).
010. Nine is my 'lucky' number, though I don't remember it ever being lucky.
011. I read a lot.
012. My favorite colors are purple and yellow.
013. I love organization.
014. I teach at Old Dominion University.
015. I love cats.
016. I have big feet and hate shoes.
017. I lived in Ocean City, MD and my mom still works there.
018. I’m an only child.
019. My parents were married, divorced, and married again.
020. I love seafood, but not fish.
021. I love mushrooms.
022. I rarely get mad, but am frustrated easily.
023. I think that a baby's laugh and a cat's purr are the greatest sounds on earth.
024. I'm a gemini.
025. I generally do not like being alone.
026. I am probably the only person that does not like cheesecake
027. I have accomplished my high school list of three things to do before I die.
028. My favorite movies are Separate but Equal, Philadelphia, and The Game.
029. That list, though, goes on.
030. I collect shot glasses.
031. I have kissed a girl.
032. I had a professor that called SUVs 'road nazis' and I agree.
033. I am a Dr. Pepper addict.
034. I like Letterman.
035. I am a Philadelphia Eagles fan.
036. My middle name is Mary.
037. I played outside during the last hurricane. And the one before that.
038. And I will do it again in the next one.
039. I burp a lot.
040. I love left-handed people. (I'm right-handed)
041. The aforementioned Chincoteague is a very small town with small-town values. My mom married a black guy and my uncle is gay.
042. It makes a great story for my Sociology classes.
043. Sometimes I drive with my left foot hanging out of the window.
044. I like hugs. I don't think people hug enough.
045. I love Julia Roberts.
046. I love the ocean.
047. I love breakfast foods. Anytime. And cereal.
048. I have one child and I do not want anymore.
049. I really like roller coasters but hate standing in line.
050. I can't believe this is only half-way done.
051. I have sang karoke.
052. But I enjoy watching/listening to karoke much more.
053. I stay up way too late at night.
054. I like the smell of bleach. And permanent markers.
055. Most people I know do not spell 'Jessie' correctly. There is an 'i' and an 'e.' It does not end in i. But it does have one.
056. I had an imaginary friend named Jennifer when I was young (see #18).
057. I really hate when people use the wrong to/two/too. Really. It drives me nuts.
058. I love to laugh.
059. I adore Dr. Suess' The Sneetches. I mean, have you read it? It is a really good story with a positive message about being different (I think of racial differences).
060. I do not at all whatsoever enjoy cooking.
061. I am not allergic to anything.
062. Violence doesn't solve anything.
063. I feel very strongly that reading is one of the most important things to teach a child.
064. I am proud of my daughter for loving books, too.
065. I am proud of myself for teaching her that reading is important.
066. My cat's name is Paws. She is declawed. No claws for Paws. My friend, Kate, calls her Paws McGraws. Kate hates cats.
067. I once read: "You win some, you lose some. Either way, it's a reason to have a beer." I like that.
068. I love to be around people. I like to people-watch though I don't really pay attention.
069. I have driven on Rt. 13 about a thousand times and I still don't know what's there. Because I don't pay attention.
070. I almost always look like I am paying attention.
071. I do it in my own way.
072. I have never seen a tornado. Or an earthquake. This is the east coast.
073. I really like to write numbers out (one, two, three, four, five, you get the point). But I couldn't bring myself to write out all one hundred here.
074. I like thunderstorms.
075. I have the greatest mother in the world.
076. I have a poor memory and have tons of scrap pieces of paper all over. Little notes and lists. It helps.
077. I like to look at the stars.
078. This is the year that I was born.
079. I just realized that I should have put #10 in #9.
080. I have never said (or written) the word 'I' this much in my life.
081. I sleep on my stomach.
082. I don't believe that there is such as thing as a dysfunctional family
083. I tend not to like female singers. There are, of course, exceptions.
084. I am not a fan of reality shows.
085. My favorite TV shows ever include: The X-Files, Will and Grace, Friends, Seinfeld, Cheers, Mary Tyler Moore...
086. I love getting email.
087. I like to wear gray and my daughter hates it.
088. I have a cousin who was born on the same day as me, but forty-five minutes later. I have no idea what that cousin is doing now.
089. I believe in people.
090. I don't know my friend's phone numbers.
091. Thanks to the miracle of caller ID.
092. I don't know my ancestry/genoeology.
093. But I am told my last name is German.
094. I don't know much about my (biological) father's side of the family.
095. But I have the nose.
096. My family picks on my mom's nose every Christmas and Thanksgiving.
097. She has a pointy nose. :-) (See why I note that I have my father's nose.)
098. I don't like to gamble.
099. I like myself.
100. I made it to one hundred!
101. Here's one to grow on.

nevermind the date, this list was written in May 2004

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