Friday, October 29, 2004

A Message from John Saul

as part of the John Saul mailing list, i get updates on upcoming books from my favorite author. however, i got an email today that was quite different. in this email, John was asking for his readers to vote for Kerry. i can't believe it! here is a snippet:
Mr. Bush, by his support for an amendment to the Constitution to forbid same sex marriage has made his position clear: he wants gay men and women to be made second class citizens of the United States. While it is true that Mr. Kerry does not support gay marriage, he has very publicly supported guaranteeing the same rights for domestic partners that married couples enjoy, and he is against using the Constitution to make all of us second class citizens.
[read the entire email here].

another thing: after reading every one of John's books over the course of the last twelve years or so, i never knew he was gay.

one more thing: as a public service so close to the election, here are a thousand reasons to vote against Bush.

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