Wednesday, November 3, 2004

election 2004: did i hear this right?

there is only one black guy in the senate?

this whole thing is disappointing, but not surprising. the republicans control it all. i've had enough of 'family values.'

locally: Norfolk and Portsmouth did vote for Kerry (the rest of hampton roads did not). US house races in VA: Thelma Drake (R), Bobby Scott (D), and Randy Forbes (R) won.

update at 8:34 am: 11 states ban gay-marriage and CA supports stem-cell research

at 8:55 am: i have been unable to tear myself away from the TV (and internet) all night. barely slept. now i have to try to tear myself away long enough to get ready for work...

at 9:42 am: i managed to shower and have to go to work now. one more thing though, that i had to share. this was written by Jeff at The American Street last night:
When we awake tomorrow, we will live in a one-party state. The Congress, the Presidency, and the judiciary will all be solidly in the hands of theocratic leaders. Lets call it straight: their fealty is first and last to a fundamentalist interpretation of the Bible. The Constitution is a secondary document.

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