Wednesday, January 5, 2005

oh what a day

yes, i've had a bad day. last night, the cat did it. the one thing i was hoping she really wouldn't do. she pissed on my NEW BLANKET. i was so mad. then i didn't get very much sleep last night (and if i say that, you know it was limited to an hour). on top of that, work was just dumb today. and i knew i had a mountain of laundry to do tonight (including all the blankets the cat has taken over for her personal needs). but then...

there was a package for me when i got home. my new shoes! even better, they fit. way better than the old ones, huh?

my bad day continued after the shoes. rite aid charged me $19 to get 14 pictures developed. they suck. but at least i have new shoes.

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