Tuesday, February 1, 2005

the news is always ugly

teen claims antidepressant led to murder - was it the drugs? or is this an excuse for a horrible crime?
A teenager who shot and killed his grandparents as they slept is "a shy, decent boy" who was led to kill by the antidepressant Zoloft, his attorney said as the boy went on trial... Christopher Pittman, now 15, is being tried as an adult for two counts of murder in the November 2001 slayings of Joe and Joy Pittman with a pump-action shotgun. Their house was set ablaze and the youth, then 12, drove off in the family car.
bill banning death penalty for juveniles gets tabled - of course it did. this is virginia!
21 Virginians have been executed since 1787 for crimes they committed as juveniles, three of them since the U.S. Supreme Court re-instituted the death penalty in 1976.
Medicare to cover Viagra - but not birth control. this doesn't make sense.

one more: i can't find the news story yet, but there was havoc wreaked in the Norfolk Zoo today. the zebra jumped in the lion's exhibit and almost became dinner.

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