Saturday, September 16, 2006

from 'Wait Until Midnight'

by Amanda Quick:

"I do not count novel reading among my vices."

"Allow me to explain, if I may. Of course one knows that in a sensation novel, the villain will pay for his villainy, just as one knows that the hero and heroine will be rewarded for their good hearts and noble actions. Those things are givens, as it were. They are not the point of the business."

"Indeed? Well, what in the blazes is the point?"

"Why, it is seeing how the characters arrive at their various fates that compels our attention...It is the series of startling incidents in the various chapters that entertains and amazes, all the twists and turns and emotional sensations. That is why one reads a novel, sir. Not to discover how it ends, but to enjoy the strange and exotic scenery along the way."

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