Tuesday, February 20, 2007

censorship is stupid

i am not shocked that parents are outraged at this, but it is disappointing. the book, "The Higher Power of Lucky," written by Susan Patron, intended for children ages 9 - 11, is on the verge of being banned.
The word “scrotum” does not often appear in polite conversation. Or children’s literature, for that matter. A Newbery-winning book has been banned from some school libraries around the country.
i'm thinking the first part of the [opening] line is worse than the use of the word scrotum. hey, that's just a body part. take a look:
"Sammy told of the day when he had drunk a half a gall on rum listening to Johnny Cash all morning in his parked '62 Cadillac, then fallen out of the car when he saw a rattlesnake on the passenger seat biting his dog Roy, on the scrotum."
emphasis mine. as my eloquent title suggests, this is stupid. kids aged 9-11 know far worse words than this.

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