Wednesday, March 7, 2007

prosecutors changed the facts from day to day and case to case

this is nuts. or should i say, this is texas:
Person A and Person B enter a deli in downtown Houston with intent to rob.
Person A shoots the clerk. Gets a death sentence. Is executed.

Person B is put on trial six months after person A. A death sentence is legally sought for Person B, based on Texas’ “triggerman” law, which allows accomplices to get the death penalty even if they were not the one who pulled the trigger.

The jury finds Person B guilty, but deadlocks on the sentencing. Mistrial declared. Prosecutor interviews some of the jurors at a local bar. They say they couldn’t go for death because Person B was not the shooter.

Based on this information, prosecutor retries the sentencing portion of the case, but this time argues that it was Person B and Person B alone who shot the victim.
Person B is scheduled for execution tomorrow.
read the details for this one. it's crazy that the state can deliberately mislead the jury by claiming two people fired the same bullet. and then execute them both.

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