Tuesday, March 27, 2007

why won't you love me?

first i heard this, and now this.

update 03/28: and now this: Duchovny almost done negotiating X-Files 2 movie
'According to IESB, Duchovny had mentioned the possibility of a second X-Files movie in 2005; instead of an alien conspiracy plot, though, Scully and Mulder would be engaged in a "standalone supernatural horror film," as IGN reported back then. That's probably a good idea, since the series ended five years ago. Continuing the conspiracy storyline would feel like they were beating the pile of dog food that the dead horse was made into. Though I wouldn't mind seeing a glimpse of the Cigarette Smoking Man again...'
i second that about the CSM. there is, of course, potential that i could love a second x-files movie. assuming that anderson and duchovny still have the same chemistry. but it would be difficult for them to pick up on a storyline that has been lost for so long.

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