Tuesday, April 17, 2007

because i have so much work to do

and don't want to read anymore about VAT for a minute, i'm taking time for quizzes. i need a lot of distraction myself, so here's quite a few choices. in case you are in need of the same.

What Does Your Favorite Color Say About You?: Purple Says:
Intuitive --- Seeking --- Creative --- Kind --- Self-Sacrificing --- Growth Oriented --- Strong --- Very Wise --- Rare

Are You an Atheist, Agnostic or a Believer?: You Are An Atheist
God? No thanks. You're not buying into any religion.
They're all bunk to you. You rather focus on what you know is true.
You may be a passive non-believer or a rabid atheist activist.
But one thing is for sure... no one's going to make you go to church!

Are You Id, Ego, or Superego?: You Are the Ego
You take a balanced approach to your life.
You definitely aren't afraid to act out on your desires - even crazy ones.
But you usually think first. Morals drive you as much as hedonism does.
You've been able to live a life of pleasure... without living a life of excess.

Are You a Feminist?: You Are 100% Feminist
You are a total feminist. This doesn't mean you're a man hater (in fact, you may be a man).
You just think that men and women should be treated equally. It's a simple idea but somehow complicated for the world to put into action.

How Do Men See You?: Men See You As Desirable
Men often find you immediately attractive and sensual.
You're honesty is refreshingly beautiful ... it draws guys in.
Packing light means you enjoy new relationships easily.

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