Monday, April 2, 2007

the Magna Carta

came to town. it sounds a bit odd, but it indeed did.

the sentiment among most has been, these past few weeks, that the Magna Carta is not art. in virginia beach, it is being displayed in an art museum. they are acknowledging the historical significance of the document,* but challenging the actual artistic value based upon the fact that you can read the text and hundreds of years worth of importance on any webpage.

well, we went to view the Magna Carta in the art museum. and let me tell you, it is art. the very argument that it is available in full-text with translations so easily makes it art. the actual document has artistic value because it's history, even though so widely available, is immortalized in an 800 year old piece of paper.

*and this exhibit, portraying the significance of the Magna Carta through time, was a fine one, too.

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