Thursday, September 20, 2007

i wish more people thought like this

my sentiments exactly. at the shelter, people bring in the nastiest stuff! i understand the thinking that 'something is better than nothing' but we get so many donations [of the same old stuff, there are always many items in need] that we can afford to be a bit picky. good news for the homeless.

in It’s All Too Much, Peter Walsh has this to say about pawning off your stuff on charities: [via]

Goodwill receives a billion pounds of clothing every year. Ultimately, they use less than half of the clothes they get. Clothing is cheap, and the cost of sorting, cleaning, storing, and transporting the clothes is higher than their value. If you wouldn’t give an article to a family member, it’s probably not good enough for charity. Sure, it’s great to get the tax deduction and it makes you feel like you didn’t waste money buying the clothes, but if you’re truly charitable, be sensitive to the needs of the organization. Charities aren’t dumping grounds for your trash.

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