Thursday, November 8, 2007

local news roundup

  • as an update to a story i told you about last week about the new top crime position in norfolk being held by a convicted felon [see here], it seems the controversy will die down. the city does not have the power to fire him, only the city manager who hired him can do that and she refuses, so the city will eliminate the position altogether. all to avoid a mess. of course this is not yet final, either. something is going on over there in the city council... from what i've read there is less disagreement over his position, but more surrounding his salary of nearly $100,000. yeah, that's a lot.

  • election news: the virginia senate is controlled by democrats for the first time in years.

  • i think i mentioned something about sex offenders in a florida town having to live under a bridge? [i'll have to look back for that] well, they may end up so in chesapeake, too.

  • pat robertson endorses giuliani for president oh, please. giuliani says he's pro-choice on abortion and a supporter of gay rights. i despise politics sometimes.
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