Tuesday, November 27, 2007

the rise of adjuncts

now account for nearly 70 percent of professors at colleges and universities, both public and private. how very interesting. the article is referring to the fact that tenured faculty and those on a tenure track are a minority on college campuses.

why it matters? "Adjuncts are less likely to have doctoral degrees, educators say. They also have less time to meet with students, and research suggests that students who take many courses with them are somewhat less likely to graduate."

these adjuncts may be great teachers, but most don't have the "support that the tenure-track faculty have, in terms of offices, secretarial help and time. Their teaching loads are higher, and they have less time to focus on students.”

the why is easy: it's cheaper. adjuncts get paid less and no benefits. "Many state university presidents say tight budgets have made it inevitable that they turn to adjuncts to save money." i've done the adjunct thing for five years. there are ups and downs. i mean, yeah, there's all that above, but also no meetings and little administrative stuff. i suppose that's all behind me now.

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