Sunday, November 18, 2007

through the days with brand new eyes

i had made some notes of the process after the eye surgery through the days. here's the recap, as was written in large letters, and read with double vision:

day one: day of the procedure
the surgery itself was quick, the whole process took ten minutes. it was a very awkward experience - the propping open of the eyes was strange, the sound of the laser was a bit frightening, and the smell was awful. i will remember that smell... walking out of the doctor's office was BEAUTIFUL. i could see! i am thankful it was a cloudy, rainy day. colors were brighter, and i read bumper stickers and licence plates on the cars around me. hooray.

this lasted until later that evening. once i woke up from a required nap, everything changed. the blasting burning persisted into the next day.

day two: friday
as mentioned, the BURNING! i don't even know what the vision was like this day, really, as i could not seem to have my eyes open. the burning in my eyeballs was terrible, and the sensitivity to light was so bad, i was upset with the doc for requiring a post-op follow-up. the rest of this day was spent in the dark, administering eye drops from the four bottles that are required each hour or so.

day three: saturday
i was scared to open my eyes, as each time i did thus far was accompanied by a tremendous burning, but this had subsided, for the most part, by this day. this day was characterized by the word BLURRY, as you could tell by my attempt at an update in the previous post. the sensitivity to light persisted, so i was still not happy about another doc's visit. [because this meant being in the car, in bright sunshine, for the 30-minute trip to the office. it is here, though, that i learn my vision is now at 20-50, better than the 20-200 before i had the surgery. this, too, should get better as time goes by.]

day four: sunday
much better. there were periods throughout the day where there was some pain, some blurriness, still sensitive to light, but also times where i could see again. i was starting to feel better, normal, when there was a bit of a mishap - i lost a contact lens which i then had to put back in - that caused irritation. but all in all, i can see clear vision in my future.

update tuesday, november 20: much better. i feel as though i have gotten my eyes back. but my eyes are anew; they can see.

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