Thursday, December 27, 2007

it's an unfortunate accident, no need to banish zoos altogether

but she was a gorgeous animal
it is terrible what happened with the tiger in San Francisco zoo. the tiger killed one boy and mauled two others. it is coming to light now that the boys taunted the tiger, aiding in it's escape (experts say there is no way the tiger could have escaped without some kind of help, as tigers cannot jump that high to get over the fence). what were they thinking? tauting a tiger is close to the last thing i would ever do!

i feel bad about the two boys that were injured but will recover. i would think that the only thing worse that being mauled to death by a siberian tiger is being mauled and living through it.

the police ended up shooting and killing the tiger in order to control the situation and protect the public. that same tiger had an incident last year and was not killed because "the tiger was acting as a normal tiger does." what's different this time? it is still acting as a normal tiger does.

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