Tuesday, January 1, 2008

first lines year-in-review 2007

January: who we are - the Virginian-Pilot is running a series based on census data.
February: maintaining a common nuisance - i know these people.
March: DST has been changed, remember - i do say that i doubt anyone can give a good answer as to why we observe daylight savings time.
April: the Magna Carta - came to town.
May: sad news - tom poston has died.
June: in case you missed it, there new video footage of the loch ness monster.
July: have you ever looked up the definition of 'the'
August: aw man, i'm not a size 8
September: the good news is that i get none of these this semester
October: i'm not dead - it only appears so here.
November: remember mulder and scully?
December: i haven't posted all month - that is unacceptable!

last year's here. happy new year!

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