Wednesday, February 6, 2008

the democratic battle

there's a lot of news on the topic, given yesterday's primaries. in class last night, a comment was made that Obama was getting more young women's votes and Hillary was getting older women's votes. at first, this seemed odd to me, but i have been giving it some thought.

what i have come up with is that older women probably have experienced more discrimination during the course of their lives and work experiences. this, for two reasons. first, these women have lived a longer life and thus could have been involved with more opportunities for discrimination. second, these younger women have grown up thinking that women can do anything, that the world is open for all opportunities. (i know this is not true for women, but the younger generation is taught that more often now than in the past) and they are still young. they may not yet have experienced discrimination and sticky floors and glass ceilings.

this is why it now makes sense to me that older women are voting for Hillary. from what i heard this morning, it seems she is also getting the Hispanic vote while Obama is getting the black vote. only time will tell...

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