Wednesday, September 10, 2008

state crime woes

i have to do a case study of an incidence of state crime (violation by the state of international law).* i am having difficulties coming up with anything that i think will work. the first problem is that it must not have been done before and focus outside the US. this is problematic in a way that if i have heard of it, then it has been studied before. the second problem is related, i feel that i am not very knowledgeable about the events of the world. i sincerely want to be interested in this, as i am generally interested in these kinds of macrolevel political crimes, but i can't get a grip on it. i am thinking something regarding female genital mutilation or AIDS... but i think the prof wants us to focus not on crimes a state commits onto it's own people, but onto others. maybe i should just have her assign me something.

* this is a short, simple definition that i KNOW is not quite correct. our assignment this week is to formulate our own definition.

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