Wednesday, October 29, 2008

one of the biggest reasons i am not voting for mccain

crime policy is in my top issues that i pay attention to with any politician. mccain wrote an op-ed on his thoughts ...and scary it is.
Terrorists are not the only threat to public safety. Lax enforcement policies, judges who legislate from the bench and lack of support for law enforcement personnel all continue to force our innocent citizens behind the barred windows of their homes and allow criminals to roam free.

... Senator Obama would appoint liberal activist judges and supply them with greater sentencing discretion. I will appoint judges who will strictly interpret our Constitution. Senator Obama's judges would coddle criminals. I will appoint judges who will hold criminals accountable.
emphasis added above. we have record high incarceration rates (and low crime rates). criminals are not all just roaming free. we have judges who hold criminals accountable.

obama soft on crime? i don't think so.

talkleft writes,

If Obama and Biden are soft on crime, can you imagine the reactionary, repressive policies McCain would create? McCain, who even bailed on his signature issue, torture.
as always said, we should be smart about crime policy, not just tough.

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