Friday, November 21, 2008

about st. louis

i was in st. louis this time last week for the criminology meetings. we had a great time, but i've been playing catch-up ever since. some random thoughts:

our plane was delayed about 2 1/2 hours leaving from here, which caused us to miss our connection in charlotte, which caused use to arrive about eight hours late. there was quite a bit of spitting on the trip and the need to pee ...again and again. people were very courteous in the downtown area. i talked to 'jacketman.' calico's was a place for good food as well as food for thought.

i saw the queen of 'food teeth.' really. i got some ideas for a paper on economic sanctions. i was awed at some of the people i got to meet, angered by others. we had the best stuffed mushrooms in the 'whole wide world.' at the casino, i won 80 bucks.

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