Wednesday, February 10, 2010

there were nine firetrucks blocking my street tonight

there was a fire in my building tonight. we were woken up at about two after there was a large fire in the laundry room, right below us. we spent a couple of hours outside while firemen put out the fire downstairs, evacuated four of the apartments (including ours which included breaking down my door). apparently the fire below went into the walls which caused them to have to trample in and out of my apartment for a while. the apartment next door got it worse than us. we're back in the house now (obviously). my eyes are burning out of my head and the taste of smoke is thick. all of us will be smelling of smoke for weeks, i'm sure.

update ten minutes later: look, we've already made the news. funny that the article states firemen "stayed on the scene for a few more hours to check for any hot spots." funny cause they are still here. they are still sawing through walls in the building. and the four remaining trucks are lighting my bedroom up like a christmas tree. for some reason, through the sounds, lights, and terrible smell, eric still manages to sleep.

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