Monday, March 22, 2010


we watched and were excited about the return of flashforward last week, but we may have been the only ones. the show is not doing well and it seems it will not return for a second season. in reading this review, i love these ideas. the writer talks about creating a streamlined version of the show that could work better.
You'd have to get rid of almost all of the FBI stuff. (Keep around John Cho, who's doing his best to make Demetri work, then pair him up with Michael Ealy as a guy who doesn't want to uncover the conspiracy because he just wants to stay alive, and this might work.) You'd probably have to eliminate the hospital plotlines entirely (and good riddance), though if you really wanted to keep Sonya Walger around, I wouldn't complain. Refocus the show on the scientists working to stop another blackout and the men working to cause one and have the two sides casually flip back and forth, and while I don't think it would be a show with seven seasons worth of excitement, exactly, I do think it would feel less flabby than it is. Scientists on the edge of catastrophe and the intrepid FBI agents who are always one step behind them? That's pretty much The X-Files, told from the point of view of the Cigarette Smoking Man, and it sounds awesome.
[emphasis mine] i couldn't agree more!

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