Monday, May 10, 2010

'my' songs

the other day i was looking through my ipod to play a specific song - my girl - when i noticed there are a lot of songs that begin with my. take a look:

my best friend - tim mcgraw
my city of ruin - bruce springsteen
my dog has fleas - jack johnson
my father's house - ben harper
my foolish heart - paula abdul
my girl - the temptations
my happy ending - avril lavigne
my heads in mississippi - a cloudy day
my hometown - bruce springsteen
my kind of music - ray scott
my list - toby keith
my next thirty years - tim mcgraw
my perogative - bobby brown
my roots are showing - crystal shawanda
my sharona - the knack
my stupid mouth - john mayer
my wish - rascall flatts
my, my, my - johnny gill
my, my, my - rob thomas

who would have thought? and this list doesn't even include 'my guy' and 'my way' which i thought were in there.

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