Thursday, June 3, 2010

la surprise est fait

the finished product
since eric is still out in the bahamas (and he doesn't read my blog), i am sharing the completed surprise for him that i mentioned a while back. first i bought a small bar that was completly outdated. then i got barstools for cheap. you can see the before pics of both.

and then viola! with a little work (read, a lot of work!), there's a nice bar area in our dining room. the inside is also painted black and the shelves are waiting for him to arrange it to his liking. it's just what eric wanted. and he has no idea...

in other news, the kid was recognized at a ceremony at school last night for excelling in the french scholars club (and completing french 1). i have to go through hell to take a picture these days, and cannot do so away from home, so there are no pics.

the bar was bought from a guy in VB via craigslist.  it was QUITE the experience even getting this in my car.  it is bigger than it looks in this pic, you can see paws butt... hee hee
the stools have cat scratches in them, but i was already planning to recover them anyway.  red is the accent color in the dining room the red also gives a bit of life to the all-black

[as always, click to enlarge pics, hover for more info.]

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