Thursday, September 23, 2010

execution #108

virginia is executing a woman tonight - the first in nearly a century. there has been uproar regarding this on two fronts: first, that she is borderline mentally ill and second, that she hired people to kill her husband and stepson while not actually committing the murders herself (the two men who did commit the murders are serving life sentences).

the article linked above relays expert opinion from mona danner at odu (my prof). she says, among many other things, that this case hasn't reached national attention because the offender, teresa lewis who is to be executed, is not attractive. according to that logic, even killers have to be attractive to receive attention. however,
Even the president of Iran weighed in on the execution. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said it's hypocritical for this country to protest the death sentence of an Iranian woman while marching Teresa Lewis to the execution chamber.
either way, virigina won't play around. there will be an execution tonight.

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