Thursday, October 21, 2010

jail for missing a parent-teacher conference?

I saw a story on GMA this morning about a Detroit prosecutor pushing for jail time for parents who do not attend parent-teacher conferences (I couldn't find the story on the GMA page to link). From that I saw, parents could face three days in jail for missing the important meeting. There are several chances for parents to meet with the teacher before jail is enforced and the policy will be used only for children not doing well in school.

Though I applaud any efforts to involve parents in their children's education, this is not the answer. What happens to those families that are affected? When a parent goes to jail, there is a good chance they will lose their job. How is this good for the family? What if it is a single parent who may then lose their child for the ordeal? What about the trauma for the child of seeing a parent go to jail?

Come on, people. Find solutions that do not include incarceration.

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