Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Contextual Factors in Violent and Sex Offender Sentencing

i've been fighting myself on how to organize my dissertation proposal. after moving things around and around, i have decided on the following:

Chapter One: Introduction
Chapter Two: Crime as a Social Problem
  • Intro (political context and war on crime)
  • Sentencing Policy (laws – sentencing guidelines, mandatory sentencing, three strikes, consequences)
  • Focus on Sex Offenders (laws – registration, notification, residency restrictions, consequences)
  • Moral Panic
    Chapter Three: Sentencing Research
  • Theory (focal concerns and racial, economic, political, and sexual threat)
  • Sentencing Offenders (individual – differences between violent and sex offenders, extralegal, contextual)
  • Multilevel Models
  • Hypotheses (10)
    Chapter Four: Data and Methods
  • Intro (data)
  • HLM
  • DVs (2)
  • IVs (5 + individual level and controls)
  • Contribution of Proposed Research
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    1. I'm putting it in writing so I can better see what to change to where... I have a feeling I have not yet decided really.