Friday, February 11, 2011

lola - the kinks

you know when you hear a song that instantly brings back a memory, a particular association with that song? of course, and it seems i have this experience with nearly every song in the world. for example, the song 'lola.'

as a classic rock music fan, i had heard the kinks song many, many times before the time when a friend of mine placed a bet on it. years ago, K* and i were at the ghent inn and played this song on the jukebox [that was a wonderful place]. a man there bet K $100 bucks it was sung by some other group. easy money.

K didn't get the full $100 from random-guy-in-the-bar, but our PBRs, pool, and jukebox fun were covered.

* i have a feeling this will be a regular series. i will use pseudonyms in my stories.

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