Monday, June 6, 2011

DC trip

the previous post was a teaser to let you know we were in DC (obviously, with the capital in the background). on friday, we took a trip with the GSOCS (Graduate Student Organization of Criminology and Sociology) crew - the first "field trip" i have taken since i was a kid! our primary goal was to visit the crime and punishment museum. the coolest thing? seeing ted bundy's car (left) in the lobby. once i saw that, i knew i wanted to go in! the first pic below is an invitation to an execution - i wonder if they still do this...

after the museum, we ate at the matchbox and then headed to the museum of american history (saw the first lady's dresses and pop culture memorabilia). later, we stopped off at a country bar and saw a bluegrass band from alaska called bearfoot. saturday was consumed by a trip to the national zoo. a great weekend, indeed.

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