Wednesday, July 20, 2011

monarch citizen

here's an interesting question posted by the ODU FB group: "Here's a question to ponder: Now that ODU has such a large residential component and the university is a significant part of the City of the Norfolk, what does it mean to be a Monarch Citizen? What are the values that Monarch Citizens should have?"

among the responses were the usual comments about it meaning that it's harder to get housing and not feeling safe due to rising crime. but then one person wrote that it meant prudence (about crime and awareness), pride (of the school)*, and performance (academically).

nice. the thread also provided this link that shows the crime in ODU is not that bad. just as i've been saying... [although these kinds of reports should always be read with caution. official reports of "on campus" differ from those areas "around campus."]

* there was some discussion on it being rude to wear Tech and JMU shirts around campus [you do often seen more pride in other schools than than ODU]. the argument is to wear your school's apparel.

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