Wednesday, December 7, 2011


  • i can't believe it. in florida (of course), a 12 year old is charged as an adult with capital murder and facing life in prison.  read this, the details are shocking.
  • a new study suggests women are choosing lower heeled shoes and flats. Researchers say it's because of the economy. IBM researchers say usually when the economy is bad, skirts get shorter and heels get higher. They say it's because women turn to them as a means of fantasy and escape. Over the last 100 years high heels soared during the worst recessions. But now they say ladies are moving towards shorter heels because of a simpler style evolution.
    good, now maybe i will fit in.
  • it's no surprise that virginia schools start after labor day. it's so theme parks can make more money. 
  •  i'll leave you with this awesome video.
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