Monday, August 6, 2012

mountain adventure

we took a little trip this weekend - a voyage to the blue ridge mountains.  we had a great time and of course, it was beautiful.

our first stop into central virginia was luray caverns, followed by a ride along skyline drive. (and yes, we saw the fried eggs!)

i think eric really enjoyed driving along windy mountain roads.

the next day we traveled to natural bridge - a natural formation once visited by george washington and owned by thomas jefferson and a hike to a small waterfall. there were caverns there, too. (and a butterfly exhibit where we all held pretty flutterbys.)

there was a wax museum and a "making of" museum. the wax figures and random body parts really creeped the kid out.

after staying in lexington for the night, we then went to the virginia safari park.  how cool!

in the park, we could drive through on a safari, feeding and petting animals as they came up to your car. in fact, i was attacked by an emu, slobbered upon by a camel, and accosted by a zebra. the llamas were perhaps the most easy-going, but the camels and birds (emus, rheas, and ostriches) would steal the bucket of feed right from your car. moreover, the camels ate the buckets, too.

after the safari ride, the park also had a small (traditional) zoo area. (i don't want to deceive you, the tigers -a white one, too- were caged.)

 great trip!

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