Friday, December 6, 2013

How Do You Rate as a Girl?

1. Do you wait for a boy to open a car door, even though you both know you are quite capable of managing it yourself?

2. Do you listen responsively to a story you have heard before rather than squash the pleasure of the boy who is telling it?

3. If you are going to the movies with another girl, do you look presentable enough to cope with an unexpected encounter?

4. If your bureau drawers or closets were open to view without warning, could you stand the inspection without apologies?

5. In a serious discussion which includes both sexes, can you keep from being overpowering even though you know a great deal on the subject?

6. If a boy forgets his manners, can you restrain yourself from correcting him?

7. Are you able to refuse a kiss without hurting a boy’s pride and sending him home in a huff?

8. If that special boy told you he liked your long hair, would you keep it long to please him?

9. Have you the courage to be nice to a boy whom the other girls consider a bore?

10. In stores, are you apt to moon over pretty lingerie and perfume?

Scoring: Seven or more yesses: you are a veritable flower of femininity! Five to seven yesses: there are a few thorns. Under five: ouch!

From the February 1960 issue of Seventeen magazine and Pink Think by Lynn Peril (2002).

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