Wednesday, January 19, 2005

hjntiy: part four

the problem? committment-phobia. when he says he doesn't want to get married [for whatever reason, timing, fear, money, etc.], he's 'saying he doesn't want to get married to you' [page 79]. this chapter actually bugged me a little. marriage is a bit of a touchy topic. you have to read it and make your own decisions on this one. the authors are not debating the insitution of marriage, but rather making the point that if it is important to you, then he should feel the same.

next topic: he disappeared. 'he's made it clear that he's so not into you that he couldn't even bother to leave you a post-it' [page 108]. this is one that i have a problem with. cause there's no answer. no break-up. no excuses. nothing. this is the worst. greg, though, offers simple advice: 'no answer is your answer' [page 110]. don't call him. don't give him the chance to reject you again. still, this is the worst.

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