Thursday, October 2, 2008

bullet point thoughts of tonight's debate

  • one reason why i hate watching debates: they never answer the questions.
  • since when is voting along party lines so wrong, when that party is right.
  • palin sounds like reagan (no big government) - we know how well that worked in those years. we also have seen what the deregulated market has done to the economy.*
  • they are both opposed to same-sex marriage. i'm a bit confused on what all that other rhetoric was about.
  • why does biden refer to himself in the third person? he sounds like regis. i like regis.
  • maybe it's just me, but i don't think a VP debate is the place for a "shout out."
  • i like biden's comment that cheney was the most dangerous VP we've had in american history.
  • "maverick" - blah.
  • i'd almost forgotten that mccain was a war hero!
  • in all, biden has more substance. palin has "talking points" and note-reading. she did well, but it's still no contest.
  • one non-important note: i hate palin's square glasses. they look funny with her nicely arched eyebrows. (i do not form any political opinions on this, biden wouldn't win with me on that either.)
  • overall, i think i should have watched the debate this way.

    * i do realize that this is a republican point of view in general.
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