Wednesday, October 1, 2008

um, how stereotypical is this!

to this quiz, Do You Use the Internet Like a Man or a Woman?, my results came back 80% Male and 20% Female. but, here are some of the questions:
What do you see email as? [A tool for communicating with family and friends or A tool for work]

Are you likely to forward jokes, inspirational stories, or news to family and friends? [Yes or No]

What do you find more valuable? [Shopping online or Paying bills online]
wait just a minute. don't most people use email for work? maybe it's just because i have few friends, but i don't see a "gender thing" here. and just because i am one of MANY people who hate those chain letters, etc., that makes me "male?" one more thing, doesn't everyone have to pay bills? i know not everyone uses the internet to do so, but jeez, this isn't a "male" thing, either. you could say women pay bills online as an example of their efficiency.


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