Tuesday, February 10, 2009

best of craigslist

i've been poking around craigslist, looking for a new place to live. get this, half of americans want to move. turns out those who live in the city want out, more women dislike big cities, and more people would rather live in a place with mcdonald's than starbucks.
i just want to move down the street.

anyway, on the best of craigslist. from january, and it's local: Wanted: Roadkill.
So, here's my offer. If you happen to hit a deer (or larger animal, although I don't think we have many of those in southern Virginia), you can bring the animal to me, and I'll carve it up for you, and split the meat 50/50.

Just a few rules:

It has to be a deer or bigger... It must be less than a day old... You have to call the police after your accident... You bring the animal to me (I'm in Suffolk), and I do the rest, and call you when its done. If you live in Suffolk, or hit the deer in Suffolk, I could come to you, but I'm not driving to VA Beach at 10 pm at night... I'll cut up the animal and give half the meat to you in sealed bags. I'll even label it, so you'll know what cuts you're getting. You eat it and enjoy!
yes, i cut some stuff out. times must be tough.

also, don't miss the person who is too lazy to go to the store for OJ and the one who needs a cat cause he has rats.

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