Wednesday, February 11, 2009


we've all heard about Chris Brown allegedly attacking Rihanna on sunday night and therefore not making it to the grammy's. but something about it bothers me: i thought violence victims' names were kept confidential? i know it would have been easy to figure out, but i haven't seen even an ounce of someone trying to hide this information.

a va beach father has killed his five year old son . he was immediately arrested and interviewed. the man told reporters he had to kill his son to save his soul. decapitate him to save him from the anti-christ. the man is known to be schizophrenic, if that means anything. this is local news now, but i wouldn't be surprised if it goes national.

california is going under. financially. and now they have to release prison inmates due to problems with overcrowding. it's a great solution to two problems, really. release the nonviolent drug offenders - you know the guys whose crimes did not have a victim.

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