Tuesday, February 24, 2009

look, they are hoping to build collective efficacy

or social capital or organization or cohesion*. in Park Place, the neighboring Norfolk area that leaves much to be desired, a new plan is in the works.

Over the past 35 years, the city and housing authority have spent $31.8 million in Park Place tearing down blighted houses, building new homes, creating parks and repairing roads and sidewalks.
In spite of that, residents say crime - especially drug and gang activity - still abounds. The neighborhood contains large areas of blight, including many neglected rental properties owned by absentee landlords.

...City Manager Regina V.K. Williams wants to try something different. This afternoon, she will ask the City Council to approve a "community building engagement process". She said she hopes the program will result in neighbors getting to know each other and developing relationships with city officials...

* there is a some comical disagreement in the department about which is which and what is what.

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