Tuesday, February 24, 2009

politics and the cold

the other day when it was 58 degrees out, in the midst of how very cold it has been lately, i rejoiced about the wonderful weather. i know it doesn't make sense, but when it is 58 inside my house, i am freezing! my fingers hurt when typing when it is this cold.

what am i typing? thoughts about the political system and crime. for instance, i just typed this passage from an article [i love this passage, i have paraphrased it often]:

“A number of authors have noted that the Republican party began in 1964 to campaign on a law-and-order platform in presidential elections…the rise of this rhetoric is tied to the history of race and party politics in this country…the move of the Democratic Party in abandoning Southern whites in favor of black interests…gave rise to an important bloc of independent voters becoming an important swing vote. Emphasizing the crime problem became a key avenue through which the Republican presidential candidates could appeal to working and lower middle-class whites… The Reagan and Bush administrations of the 1980s shifted the terms of political discourse further toward excluding marginal populations, which led to viewing minorities and the poor as threats to security rather than social problems” (Stucky, Heimer, and Lang 2005:213).

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