Friday, April 16, 2010

i need to remember this

for the next time we watch a movie. i loathe the endless amount of movie trailers, commercials,* and warnings before the movie begins. i usually put the DVD in the player a good 15 minutes before i turn to the TV off regular mode and switch to movie mode in order to avoid having to watch them. of course, i have to do this because movies now will not let you skip ahead to the movie. but now, here's a trick that i am willing to try:
The first tip, from CNET author Tom Merritt, is the easiest. Just press Stop, Stop, then Play on many DVDs to skip right to the movie. This method won't always work, so if it doesn't, don't give up hope! If twice doesn't work,'s Richard Rider says pressing Stop three times, followed by Play, will do the trick
* yes, commercials! this bothers me most, even more than FBI warnings in every language imaginable.

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